Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Photo Printer Review Canon PIXMA IP4000 Color

Photo Printer Review Canon PIXMA IP4000 Color

When people have a need to print high quality photos and text documents, color Canon PIXMA iP4000 photo printer ideal for either home or office. Good job you can make unlimited copies of images, stylish and equipped with a small machine image contains basic discussion paper does not exist.

As often use various types of paper, which has several practices iP4000 paper. You can upload your favorite up to 150 sheets of paper tape printer base. Also you can move the paper more often, as usually one of the photo paper, between the value of the building behind the printer. Paper feeding areas add up to 150 sheets of letter or subscribe to the paper 20 sheets 4x6 photo. Turn on the machine before you can select the default paper source or otherwise select the driver software.

Find duplex property can print on both sides of paper simultaneously. When not using the machine, you can double the output bin before printing.

IP4000 Ink cartridges.They with5 two separated black ink for the printing of pictures and one for writing and a solid dark cyan ink, red ink, and yellow ink.

Despite the promising features for office use, have fun and not when you use plain paper for printing. When he tried iP4000 printed text, printed text looks sharp, with much less decoding resources. Some mistakes that I've seen a few letters in the blood, quite bright and bold blocky character in each one. But art iP4000 performed in compliance testing, not create class than.5 inch vertical lines tested, including what is remarkable in this diagonal block structure in the vicinity of the line. Dark areas of the picture clear and color on paper suddenly turned black too, including many details and different views of privacy, has faded on another picture.

Printing on photo paper, color printer perfect accuracy, shadow detail and a lot of difference. When printing in Grayscale, it will look great with a soft voice changes, no color cast, along with details is very cool.

IP4000 print speed tests showed that at 6.8 pages per minute for text and 2.5 pages per minute for color prints or paintings.

Great features like PictBridge compatible USB port lets you print directly to any compatible digital camera. IP4000 comes with card slots for media, so you must use a USB or parallel port. Software installation is easy, just follow instructions and do.

With the help of a printer driver, including Canon Easy-WebPrint is a website, write software PhotoRecord drop pictures into photo albums and easy PHOTO and print personal photos.

Conclusion: Canon PIXMA iP4000 photo printer color printing machine, the best work in conjunction with office paper, and the quality of the picture, if you do not mind more perfect for printing on plain paper.

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