Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Photo Printer Review Canon PIXMA MP560

Photo Printer Review Canon PIXMA MP560

Writing regular photo printer is easy to imagine, but what about other work? He is a Canon photo printer last time I bought the Canon PIXMA MP560 Wireless Photo Inkjet printer all in one. With affordable prices, you sure can do a lot. So I need to share assessments with you to help you decide if a child is what you are looking for.


This device is very simple if you look quickly. But if you read carefully and you will see that the design is very unique. Printer / scanner / copier is always looking everywhere, but when removing food and paper and printing pop 2.0 "LCD screen, it works because if it. Dimensions are 17.9 x 14.5 "x 6.3" and weighs 17.8 kg.

Secrets of the buttons below the LCD screen when folded down. But while supportive, will vary from very simple to use buttons you can move well through the device. You can also print without a PC, simply by dialing the media to preserve a call from the printer.

Printing and other features

As Canon photo printer, which is not less interesting. Printer can produce normal limits of 4x6 images as fast as 39 seconds. For documents in black, the printer can produce up to 9.2 inches and 6.0 inches per minute per minute for color documents. Newspapers on the device also keeps a lot of paper for automatic duplex printing. When printing without a PC very easily. You must connect the media storage such as removable USB flash drive 2.0, memory card or PictBridge camera, go to the image through the LCD and buttons, and you can edit, check and select photos to print.

Scanner is clean and simple, but it can make a resolution images up to 2400 x4, 800 dpi optical scanning x19, and 19 200, 200 dpi interpolated scanner. The maximum size of documents can be scanned at 8.5 x 11.7''''. Scanner, for example, automatically scans the proper sewer, housing, network scan, push scan and analyze memory.

Copier can enlarge and contract documents copied from as low as 25% of normal by 400%. 3:58 You can also copy the images on one page 4-in-1/2-in-1 work. It is also easy to edit pictures and documents that you need to copy a copy of the working range. You can grow up to 99 copies in one place.

Other features

There are five separate printer ink: Four textile-based paint and black ink needed to print the pictures and photographs, and black-based ink to print documents. This makes it easy to change the cartridge as it may change each time the key. Wireless printer capable of making a real difference when you use the printer cable. You can get from other computers in the house if it is connected through a wireless network.

model is also a member of the Green Building product line scheduled for print materials that are environmentally friendly and energy saving. Some features of this program includes automatic duplex printing, Energy Star requirements, Quick Start, and individual ink cartridges. Not only can you get many benefits, it will also help the natural environment when it is used instead of other models.


I am very happy to use the device, as this will have the satisfaction that I am printing equipment. Additional functions of buttons scanner and photocopier are also great for me. So, if you want a picture Canon printer, which is not only profitable but also environmentally friendly, inkjet Canon PIXMA MP560 Wireless suggesting to get it all in one.


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