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Large Format Printer Review Best Professional Photo Printer for Photographers Epson 2880

Large Format Printer Review Best Professional Photo Printer for Photographers Epson 2880

If you are like me, and I like to take a lot of memories of the quality of the pictures that you know how the importance of having a professional photo printer is available. Taking pictures with digital cameras is one thing but the real value of the real situation. In fact, you may need to take better pictures, because you are a freelance photographer, graphic designer jobs depend on it.

That is why Epson 2880 large format printer is a high demand for professional photographers and freelancers from around the world. And because I am always looking for great pictures of the products, I decided to research this popular professional photo printer.

Epson 2880 wide format photo printer for professionals in the assessment

Epson 2880, during the first several years ago, which held high hopes for the former owner of Epson photo printer. Most buyers will be 2880 photo printer professional photographers, graphic designers or amateur photographer who previously purchased Epson 2200 or 1200 to make their pictures. But the biggest joy in the structure exceeded expectations and many more advanced features and ink set to create high quality images.

Epson 2880 is to achieve professional results almost every time because it is a professional photo printer, power and flexibility to create beautiful prints and media professional with extensive art, including a glossy sheen, and canvas to 13 inches.

Features and Specifications

Printing 27.1 pounds, :: Weight and height-weight 24.3 "x 31.4" x 16.3 "Storage: 24.3" x 12.7 "x 8.4"

In a professional photo printing in red, purple and blue, which uses UltraChrome K3 and Epson Magenta Ink Clear

On the B & W images you can create stunning pictures of black and white tones or neutral.

Three-level black technology to print images with a variety of tonal very good.

Light of new technologies to help achieve a change of color shades and soft and show more detail.

Printable copies of various media, including media arts, 1.3 mm thick art paper or other products.

Customer Reviews and Rating

No comments Epson 2880 large format printer complete without discussing the image of comments the user in real life in this fashion. By doing this research to a professional photo printer with more than 75 guest comments for this organization. Overall, this printer only get 4 stars out of 5 which means that customers who have a large format Epson 2880 printer with the highest scores.

Customer Reviews

"This is Epson've 6. Both are great, but some of the best around. I'm pretty easy when it comes to print quality, and in 2880 was beyond my expectations "from the box. "

"I have a printer for a few days. At the time, who has written more than 200 copies. I hit 8.5, and 13 between 11 and 19 inch print without problems. Also place ink cartridges without any problems. I have no contacts on the Epson support of technology because I have never had any problems. "

"He received this printer from my employer as a" thank you gift. "Unlike other checks in 2880, I have no problem with the printer, make copies and outstanding immediately after unpacking and easy to configure. Inc. and the environment high quality appearance of size (Clutton and others called for ink, but I only) "


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